300 Processor

Forestry machines that are ideal for both contractors and self-employed forest owners. Production is comparable to large commercial forest machinery, but with a very minimal environmental footprint.

The processor is extremely fast at 5 meters per second, where many other machines do 1 meter every 3-4 seconds. Since they are tractor-mounted, they are very agile and suitable for processing anywhere from a few loads of logs to larger volumes.


These machines are comfortable working in environmental temperatures ranging from -25 to 45 degrees Celsius (Swedish winters to South American summers).

Durability and longevity - the first unit was sold in 1987 and is still working on a regular basis.

See the machine in action...

450XL Processor

A very strong and durable machine with the ability to still have a 3.5 - 5 meters per second feed rate.  Has 2 speed feeding rates.

Maximum delimbing diameter 40 cm, down to 5 cm.

Self-contained hydraulic system with radio remote-controlled winch. 2-ton winching force with the added feature of the crane (4-6 meter) which makes it easy to grab logs and remove limb debris.

Option of C373 measuring computer (standard) or MD320 measuring computer (Measures both length and diameter and saves timber data for each piece cut. Log data can then be printed on an ordinary PC.)


David Patenaude
Didsbury, Alberta


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