TAJFUN Logging Winches now available through Big Bear Services Canada!

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These machines meet strict German engineering standards, which is evident in it’s durability, fit and finish.  It is on the leading edge of firewood processing technology.  Did I mention that it is rather FUN to operate? (There is “fun” in Tajfun!)

Key Features:

  • foldable infeed conveyor, hydraulic telescoping discharge conveyor - pivots 15 degrees to left and right

  • strong, heavy frame

  • 15 ton splitting force with 2 splitting speeds, switches automatically as needed

  • convenient safety controls - safe for a variety of operator

  • oil cooler

  • electro-hydraulically controlled clutch - automatically starts and stops the cutting chain

  • hydraulic gauges for diagnosis

  • comes with  4-way splitting wedge, Oregon chain bar and PTO shaft.

  • runs at 410 to 430 RPM and the PTO shafts are 540 spline.  

  • needs 35 hp tractor to run it and 55 hp to transport it.

  • joystick control of all basic functions of the machine - single ergonomic joystick



Key Features:

  • manual operation of all basic functions

  • 15 ton splitting force

  • can handle up to 15" diameter log

  • tractor requirement:  minimm 35 hp to operate, 55 hp to transport

See the machine in action...


It's the RCA 400 Joy's big brother!

Key Features:

  • can handle up to 19.5" diameter log

  • tractor requirements:  46 hp to operate, 100 hp to transport

  • 15 foot long out feed conveyor

  • 25 ton splitting force


David Patenaude
Didsbury, Alberta


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